Water…pure or dirty?

September 6, 2009 - Leave a Response

The dog, out in the back kennel, barked and barked at us while we were out playing…eventually I went out to feed her and didn’t see any water – so poured her a bucket – she drank from it like it was going out of style…then drank some more – she was like a camel!!
THEN….I went around the doghouse and notice she had a nice full bucket of water already – I guess she was just  ignoring it?????? Didn’t like where it was?? Maybe too clean and pure??

Dirty water is a dog magnet.

She also prefers to drink form the small fishpond in my backyard. She can go days without drinking much of the water from her dish inside; it evaporates. But she will bark to go outside just to drink. And she has to clamber past a bush and balance on the rocks lining the pond to reach down to drink. She has actually knocked several rocks in, probably terrifying the fish as large rocks tumble in and a giant black & white creature dips her nose in towards them. But on the other hand, she does help keep cats out of the yard, so maybe the fish tolerate her.

And then are puddles. Why does a dog, no matter how much water it has had to drink , have to drink from every dirty, oily, muddy puddle available?? The dirtier the better, it seems.


Another dog’s story

August 13, 2009 - Leave a Response

The new little kitten girl decided that she was obsessed with going out the front door. The first two times I was able to pick her up but then after that she decided that she wasn’t ready to go in so she’d sneak away. OF COURSE she choose the time when we were leaving for school to do this so I was in a hurry, but didn’t want to leave for fear she run off far far away. SO I know the big dog is a little afraid of her and also tries to play with her BUT she is very unimpressed and always runs away. Running away starts the prey drive so he chases. But won’t catch, just play pounces and usually gets a hiss or scratch. SO I took the big dog slowly around the house, opened the front door and then he saw the cat. They whooshed left then right then she made a break for the house and he whooshed right in after and I found him lying on the utility room floor whining and the cat on the dryer puffed into a large puffball. For some reason she has not tried to go our the door again

The Wardrobe

August 10, 2009 - Leave a Response

So the dog and I are out walking around the block. We are just across the street, in a clear space between a telephone pole and a stop sign, with no trees nearby or wires overhead. There is a loud WHUMP! and there in the street, about 7-8 feet out, is a squirrel that fell from the sky and is just lying there flat. I think it had the wind knocked out of it (if that’s possible with a squirrel). Both the dog and I just stood there, trying to figure out what was happening. The squirrel just lay there flatly, looking shocked. I have NO CLUE where it fell from; it  literally dropped from the sky. Nothing near it, no wires, branches. Maybe from another dimension??
After a few minutes, it got up a little and scurried off into some bushes. Then the dog felt it was OK to chase it…but I didn’t let her get too close to it. We could hear it in the bushes for a half minute or so, then it finally started climbing.
Very very odd. Our best guess was that, just like Narnia, there is a Wardrobe for squirrels..,and this one  found it and crossed over to our world – unfortunately in midair. We think he’s going to have trouble getting back.

When trainers go bad

August 6, 2009 - Leave a Response

So, I was a bad, bad, ba-a-a-a-a-a-d! dog trainer the other night. I came home from somewhere just after dark, and there, basking in the glow from the light by the door, was a CAT, lying on the cushions of the chaise lounge on the front porch. And it just looked at us as we unlocked the door, and went in. Of all the nerve!!!
I think I did say “shoo”…but what I really did was go inside, greet the dog, put her leash on, and take her back out onto the porch. It was just high enough she wasn’t looking, and I had to lead her over. Then the cat hissed. The dog just went rigid with, um, shock at a cat on our porch, and then leaped, barking, towards the chaise. The cat meowed and jumped off, over and behind in one motion. The dog went to leap around, and the cat shot off the porch and has not been seen since. The dog barked and looked (and we went down into the yard to be sure it wasn’t still in the bushes), and then looked very pleased.
So, so much for my de-sensitizing her to cats…. If the cat had just moved off my chaise when we came home. But no. It’s a cat, and it “owned” the chaise.

The tease

August 4, 2009 - Leave a Response

Maybe I should mention that one reason the dog is so intent on cats is because they tease her unmercifully. The worst is a large fluffy white cat that hangs out in the evenings on the fencepost, (a 6 foot fence) high out of the dog’s reach. But the cats dips her tail down or will lean forward into the yard, stretching a paw down towards the dog, teasing, tempting “Come. Just try and reach me.” And the dog jumps and barks and bristles and the cat just sits there, dipping and raising the paw, twitching its tail.

Keeping us safe from cats

August 3, 2009 - Leave a Response

I had the kitchen door open last evening to let some cool air in, long after dark (maybe 10:00)….and since Jazz could see through the storm door, she was sleeping there. All of a sudden she goes into a barking circling frenzy that I can hear at the other end of the house. Well. if it had been the front door, I might have thought twice, but in the back yard I thought “cat”. So I whooshed to the kitchen and let her out, and as her feet hit the bricks, I hear desperate scrabbling in the leaves by the fence……I think she was close, but the cat did get away safely…….and Jazz patrolled the fence perimeter for a while, but came in very satisfied with herself, keeping the yard safe from cats for another day…..

The joy of being outside

July 31, 2009 - Leave a Response

So Jazz has decided she LIKES being out in the yard, especially in the
morning. The squirrels are out, birds are rustling and chirping
overhead, and I can only imagine that the cats are out, too.
Yesterday, she had been out, I called her in, we both had breakfast,
and I was doing some bills before going to work. She barked to go back
out. OK. It was cool, beautiful, and I had about 30 minutes before I
planned to leave. She went out, happily drinking from the pond
(ignoring her full bowl of clean indoor water), barking at squirrels,
lazing in the sun on the warming bricks. About 20 minutes later, I
went and called her to come in. She stood and looked at me, like: “‘who? me? you want me to come in? surely not!’ And she glanced up at
the trees (hidden squirrels, no doubt) then back at me. So I said
Never Mind, and closed both the screen door and back door…..but
watched her covertly through the window.
She did a couple glances from door to squirrel, turned a couple small nervous
circles, then came over to the bottom of the steps and stood, circling
occasionally, where she could look up at the door and at the
You could just see stress running through her mind. “But I want to
stay out. But what if she leaves me? But there are squirrels out here!
But what if I’m stuck out here all day? NO chew toys out here!” etc.
etc. etc. I left her there.
About 5 minutes later, I opened the door again (she was lying down, but
was still head up, very alert. I called her to come in, and she
BOUNDED up the steps, tail wagging, “Oh, aren’t I the most obediently
wonderful dog in the world and don’t you love me??”

Shelties shouldn’t swim

July 28, 2009 - Leave a Response

Today’s silly dog story….I found her last week, trying to drink from the little fish pond (hard black plastic, sunk into the ground, with flat rocks laid around the edge). She kept trying all around the pool, but the stones were wobbly, and there was only one spot she could really drink from. So that was funny enough to watch.
Today, I let her out after work…and when I went to let her back in, there was a trail of wet bricks in a swath from the pool to the door. There stood the dog, wet up to her chest, with some pieces of green stuck to her hair. I checked the pool…another rock fallen  in – I guess she fell in – I only wish I could have seen her standing there in the water!

Raindrops keep falling…

July 22, 2009 - Leave a Response

Silly dog, who has has forgotten what rain looks like.
She would NOT go out the other day. She looked out the door, leaned a little, then a rain drop would plop, and she would turn and circle….and circle and circle in the kitchen. Then loooook again. I finally eased her – relatively gently – out the door and closed it,and she bounded back up and huddled by it, rolling her head and eyes up to me “O cruel owner, let me in so no water falls from the sky upon me…” So. I went out and chased her off the steps…and she raced to the porch of the garage, and huddled up there……I chased her off of there, and she finally paced along side of the garage, and did her business….like she was terrified of getting wet.
This, the dog who happily lived through 3 days of December rain in the woods after running away.
Silly silly dog.

Down the drain

July 18, 2009 - Leave a Response

Not only only cats hide down the drains, but so do raccoons…Out on a daily walk, the silly dog went berserk – BERSERK!! – at one of the drain grills yesterday, and I went
over to peek in…and there is a raccoon staring back at me. Oh, my!
She WANTED that raccoon…lunged and circles and barked and choked herself.